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Holiday activities with Clifton Primary School: December 2021 – December 2022

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

We began working with Clifton Primary school during the Christmas holidays in 2021. Since then we have delivered a holiday camp for young people that attend the school as well as those living in the local community during every school half term since, with the most recent being during the Christmas holidays in 2022, exactly a year on from when we started. The camps we delivered provided young people with fun, action packed days which consisted of receiving free healthy, hot meals, a variety of enrichment opportunities and a range of activities and sports to increase their physical activity levels whilst also educating the children on how to stay healthy.

Our aim was to create fun, action packed camps which children can enjoy, whilst also receiving free healthy, hot meals, a variety of

Activities that the young people took part in:

  • Numerous sports such as cricket, football, dodgeball, tennis, table tennis, basketball, badminton and boxing

  • Team building games

  • Variety of arts and crafts sessions

  • Healthy eating workshops

Enrichment activities that the young people experienced:

  • Watching a movie at the VUE cinema in Star City

  • Taking part in numerous adventures at Ackers

  • Playing glow in the dark sports such as football, cricket and dodgeball

  • Watching live cricket matches at Edgbaston Cricket Ground

  • Inflatable fun days

  • Supercar experiences

What did our day look like? We would come into Clifton around 8:15am each morning, the project coordinator would then lead a small discussion amongst staff and volunteers, reflecting on what went well the previous day, what didn’t go so well as well as what needed to be done throughout that specific day. Staff would then be delegated into roles with some leading and running breakfast club for any young people that had to be dropped off earlier to accommodate working parents, whilst other staff would be on admin duties, setting up and planning sessions for the day. As the young people came through the doors they would be signed in on the Coordinate Sport system created by our funders, Street Games to capture data of attendance, theye would then head over either into the sport hall for breakfast where they could have breakfast alongside interacting with peers, or they would go to their assigned class for a 30 minutes mini activity. Groups were assigned by age range, we would break it down with 5-7 year olds, 8-9 year olds and 10-11 year olds being together.

The routine for each holiday camp would be breakfast to start the day, two activities in the morning followed by a break with fruits, snacks and drinks, one more activity followed by lunch, another activity and then some group activities before dismissal.

We regularly asked for feedback from parents and young people to allow for improvement and to tailor the camps to their needs. The feedback has in general been very positive to the extent where we now have parents and young people interacting with our social media accounts and website. Over the course of the year we delivered six camps in which we engaged around 70 young people aged between 5-11 from the B11-12 postcodes mainly, each day! We’d like to thank Clifton Primary School and Street Games for all their support. Currently, we have launched a new community session on a Sunday due to the demand and request from parents, where we deliver multi sports on a Sunday at Clifton Primary School from 11-1pm for a small fee of £2 per session, per child.

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