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ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour: April 2019

Our first community event we delivered was to do with an international sporting event to which we rose to the occasion and delivered a fitting and engaging experience. Through a national organisation, Sport Birmingham, whom we had been working with since we were established, we were given the opportunity to host the actual ICC Cricket World Cup trophy. It was for people from across the city and region to come down to take a photo with the trophy, to see it up close but also to take part in some fun cricketing drills before playing a big game.

Activities on the day included ‘diving catching’, ‘rebounder catching’, batting and bowling drills as well as mini games of ‘quick cricket’, ‘hand hockey, ‘one hand, one bounce’ and even a big game where we had staff, volunteers, young people, older people, parents and grandparents all taking part. Not to forget our inflatable fun which was available all day.

The event itself was advertised as a community event to show the diversity not only in the city and area but to show how diverse and broad the cricketing community is. Whether that is someone who plays cricket, watches cricket, enjoys cricket or even works within the cricket field. We chose a central location that was accessible, available and had a great facility. This was Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form and College and we hosted the event from 10am till 2pm.

To commemorate the event we gave personalised mementos in the form of medals to each and every person that attended as a thank you and to give them something to remember this momentous day that most others would never ever experience. The youngest attendee on the day was a child aged 4 years of age and the eldest attendee was a man aged 83 who came with his son and grandkids. In total we had more than 90 people come down on the day at various stages, most stayed till the end but others due to other commitments came and went within the timeframe.

Watch the video below to see how the day panned out and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe!

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